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Export Delivery Guidelines

Definition of System-confirming Consignments (Commercial Goods)

A consignment is considered as "system-conforming" if it does not exceed the following measurements and weights:

  • 1/2 Pallet Max height is 0.9 Mtrs and must be stackable.
  • 4 Pallets is the Max number of pallets per consignment.
  • Weight maximum 3000kg (freight payable weight)
  • Weight maximum per package 1500kg
  • Length maximum 4 metres
  • Height maximum 2.20 metres
  • Width maximum 2.40 metres

Every consignment must include its volume; cbm or idm

All other consignments are to be defined as "non-system-confirming". This means that a consignment is not system-conforming as soon as one of the above parameters is breached.

Definition of Non System-conforming Consignments

Consignments with a chargable weight of more than 3000kg, or packages of more than 1500kg, or else with height of more than 2.20 metres and with a length of more than 4 metres are non system-confirming consignements. In these cases, bilateral agreements will be applied.

A part-load is defined by the parameters of weight/volume; cbm or idm. The parameter loading metre or cbm is required at any time, eg more than 4 pallets or more than 2.5 idm.

Please contact the Pall-Ex European Support desk for special arrangements for consigments with are "non-system conforming".

Non system-conforming consignments are not subject to the Transit Time.

Consignment Definitions

All goods offered for shipment must be palletised.

Volumetric Conversion: 1cbm = 333 kg / 1 LDM = 1750 KG

The following types of goods cannot be transported:

  • Tobacco
  • Cigarettes
  • Bank notes or coins
  • Weapons, ammunitions and explosives
  • Livestock and live plants
  • Human remains
  • Goods improperly packaged

The following types of goods may only be transported after a formal written agreement with all involved parties has been reached and after that relevant insurance is secured:

  • Mobile phones
  • Valuables
  • Removals
  • Wine
  • Goods requiring special equipment for loading, securing, transport and unloading

For regular business of the following goods please contact the Pall-Ex Customer Service Department:

  • Wine
  • High value goods
  • Deliveries to private addresses

Classes of Dangerous Goods

The following classes of dangerous goods cannot be transported:

  • Class 1
  • Class 6.2
  • Class 7